S AM Schweizerisches Architekturmuseum

Blind Date 4

27.04. | 19.00  foreign language

Moderation: Viviane Ehrensberger, Stéphanie Savio & Nicola Navone (archivio del moderno, usi)

9 architecture firms will be the guests of the second blind date. They will get to know the other participants the very same evening. During the course of the exhibition ‚Schweizweit' S AM will function as a platform for discussion and launches an experimental event format: four panel discussions as blind dates starring nine architecture firms from different regions of Switzerland.

Each office will start with a quick presentation of their contribution to our exhibition ‚Schweizweit' and will later introduce us to their most urgent topic which we are looking forward to discussing with you!

Admission: CHF 12.- (red. CHF 8.-)
Language: English


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